Steve Clark ( ihatemovies) wrote,
Steve Clark

Roger and Me (second viewing)

I wasn't terribly fond of Michael Moore's latest film, but I still like his older stuff.

Moore tells the story of Flint, Michigan. In the eighties, a series of employee layoffs by General Motors left thousands of people without jobs. Many left the city to seek jobs elsewhere. Others just became poor. The crime rate rose. The town tried a couple of schemes to bring money and jobs into Flint, the most insane being an amusement park called Auto World, but nothing panned out. So, Moore tried to get in touch with Roger Smith, the chairman of General Motors, to bring him to Flint and show him what the layoffs had done. It didn't happen.

The best part of the film has to be the woman selling rabbits as "pets or meat." She stands there, petting the cute little bunny, then she skins it.

The naivete of some of the people in this movie... it's astounding. I mean, the interview with Miss Michigan, where she keeps trying to shift the conversation to happier subjects, is just depressing.

I particularly liked the bit at the end, where the titles tell us that the guy who was defending GM was laid off. I wouldn't call it poetic justice or anything, but it struck me as funny.

"...and if you decide to go for it, you'll make it."
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