Steve Clark ( ihatemovies) wrote,
Steve Clark

Pulp Fiction (probably the twentieth viewing)

I was in a kind of a down mood, so I watched Pulp Fiction again, and it cheered me right up.

Two people, very much in love, decide to rob a restaurant. A hired thug, just back from Europe, has to take the boss's wife out to eat. An aging boxer was supposed to throw a fight, but he beat his opponent to death instead, so now he has to leave town to get away from the gangsters he ripped off. Two hitmen are retrieving their boss's orange light bulb, and an act of God saves them from being shot. And it all makes sense. Come on, you know the words...

"Any of you fucking pigs move, and I'll execute every motherfucking last one of you!"

This is one of those films that changed the way movies were made in the nineties, just not always for the better. After Pulp Fiction, there were so many non-linear gangster movies with quirky dialog and off-beat characters that it just got tiresome. Hell, it's still going on. You can't blame Quentin Tarantino for all the lousy filmmakers who try to imitate his work, though. You can blame him for the less-than-good movies that he made for himself later, but Pulp Fiction still kicks ass.

What caught my attention this time was how some scenes are shot in nothing but close-ups. In particular, the scene where Vincent finds Mia after she overdoses on his heroin is just one extreme close-up of Uma Thurman's face. It's an interesting approach.
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