Steve Clark (ihatemovies) wrote,
Steve Clark

Ginger Snaps (third viewing)

I guess I was just in the mood to see this one again, so I rented it along with the sequel.

"Maybe even your final moment's a cliche around here."
"Not ours. B, ours'll rock."
"You don't think our deaths should be a little more than cheap entertainment?"
"You jazzed me on this. Don't wuss out now."
"It's the idea of everybody staring at me just lying there. What if they just... laugh?"

In a bland little suburban town, a loving mother watches her infant son playing in a sandbox. She walks over to see what he's playing with, and it's a dog's bloody paw. So, she checks on her own dog, and sure enough, it's dead, half-eaten by some animal. She walks out into the street, screaming about her dog, and everybody turns in surprise... and then they go right back to whatever they were doing. Something's been eating quite a few dogs in the area. And the Fitzgerald sisters meet it in the woods one night. Ginger is badly torn up, but they get away, and the monster gets run over by a van. Now, Ginger is changing. She gets cramps. She bleeds from the crotch. She grows hair in strange places. She grows a tail.

Ginger Snaps is a kind of a mixed bag. A lot of the dialog is great, very clever and funny, but some of it is just cringe-inducingly bad. The lead actors are really good, but a few of the supporting actors are awful. There are a few shots that look fantastic, but there are just as many that look like crap. The good outweighs the bad, though, and it makes for a very entertaining movie.