Steve Clark ( ihatemovies) wrote,
Steve Clark

The Player (second viewing)

There are quite a few movies about Hollywood, and many of them poke fun at the Hollywood studio system. The trouble is that most of them are weak-kneed, amateurish pieces of crap like Burn Hollywood Burn. The Player, on the other hand, is quite a clever little film, and kind of mean.

"I see, so it's sort of a cynical political thriller comedy..."
"Yeah, but it's got a heart, uh, in the right spot. And anyway, he has an accident."
"An accident?"
"Yeah, he becomes... clairvoyant. Psychic."
"Oh, I see. So, it's sort of a psychic political thriller comedy with a heart."
"With a heart, and, uh, not unlike Ghost meets Manchurian Candidate."

Griffin Mill is an executive at a major Hollywood studio, and rumor has it that he's going to be replaced by a guy from Fox. To make matters worse, someone has been sending him death threats, one of the writers that Griffin was rude to. Griffin gets an idea as to who the culprit is, meets with him, and kills him in a fit of rage. But, the death threats keep coming, so he must have killed the wrong writer. Now, the police suspect him, and it doesn't help his case that he's becoming obsessed by his victim's girlfriend, an attractive young woman who doesn't watch movies or wear bras.

It's very funny and slightly unsettling. The script is fantastic, and so is the acting. It's just an all around good movie. A Hollywood movie that hates Hollywood. The player does to the Hollywood studio system what Network did to TV news, and it does it without ripping off Network the way so many movies have.
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