Steve Clark ( ihatemovies ) wrote,
Steve Clark


A big Dutch melodrama set in the twenties. I probably should have known better.

A young guy storms into an old guy's office, stabs the guy's desk with a pocket knife, and announces that he's a lawyer now and he won't be visiting the old guy again. After a pause, the old guy congratulates him. So, the young guy leaves in a huff and then rushes back in and attacks him. They cut away from that scene, and the young guy is walking out of the building, looking like he's just had his ass kicked. Later, the police storm the young guy's place. The old guy has been stabbed to death, and they want an explanation. So, the young guy tells them the story of his entire frigging life. The old guy is his illegitimate father, the kind of mean-spirited bailiff who drags a dying woman's sickbed out into the snow and then dumps her off of it, just to make a point. Of course the woman was faking, but he's still a mean guy. Anyway, the young guy has a tough childhood, learns English, gets a job in an office, starts studying to be a lawyer, fails to romance a coworker, and kind of gets on my nerves.

The words "whiny little bitch" spring immediately to mind. Even when the guy is engaged in some totally non-whine-oriented activity, he just looks like he's building up for a big crying fit. I mean, this guy emotes.

Anyway, the movie... The photography's quite good, but I really couldn't get into the story or the characters.
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